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Weed Ripper | Aquatic Weed Pulling Tool

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Weed Ripper | Aquatic Weed Pulling Tool
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The Weed-Ripper is a unique tool is designed to pull aquatic weeds by the roots so they cannot grow back as quickly. Works best for underwater weeds including lily pads (water lilies) pencil reeds and most other lake & pond vegetation with stems under 1 inch in diameter.  If they are too deeply rooted it will still remove them by cutting / ripping there stems below the water surface.  We do not recommend using the WeedRipper to cut Cattails.


  • The Weed Ripper features a 3 foot white heavy duty aluminum head.
  • handle choices:  4ft - 7ft - 11ft - 15ft
  • The unique curved handle grip makes it easier to pull dense loads with less effort.
  • Comes with a 25' rope allowing you to cut and pull weeds by tossing out and retrieving.

The Weed Ripper works best on weeds that have stems 1" wide or less including Lily Pads, Pencil, Bull rushes, Elodea, Water celery, Vallisneria, Eel grass and similar kinds of submerged and emerged aquatic vegetation.

Throw it out from a dock or shoreline and retrieved using the 25' rope and a shorter handle. Or you can connect all of the handles to pull seaweed around your dock or shoreline. The unique tapered design of the pulling teeth make it easy to remove pulled weeds from the WeedRipper head.

Handle Options:

  • 4ft (stub handle) Works best for primarily throwing and retrieving.
  • 7ft Handle - Includes Stub Handle + Pistol Grip Handle
  • 11ft Handle - Includes above + 4" extension
  • 15ft Handle - Includes above + two x 4" extensions

(all options include 25ft Rope)

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