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Rodeo Herbicide + Aquatic Adjuvant

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Rodeo Herbicide | Aquatic Adjuvant
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Cattail Herbicide Control

Includes: 2.5 Gallons of Rodeo and 1 Quart of our AB Adjuvant.

About Rodeo: Rodeo is a herbicide with 53.8 % Glyphosate† N-(phosphonomethyl) glycine, isopropylamine salt active ingredient, which effectively targets emergent aquatic nuisances from lillies and cattails to purple loosestrife and bullrushes.

About AB Adjuvant: Non-ionic Penetrant / Activator, Water Emulsifier, Bio-Degradable, Low Viscosity. 1 Quart goes a long way. See label for application instructions.


Using these two products in conjunction with each other will increase the herbicide's effectiveness.

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