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Rake Zilla | Lake Weed Raker

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Oversize Heavy Duty Lake Weed & Beach Rake

It's A RAKE. It's A SKIMMER. It's A FORK... It's RAKE ZILLA!  Rake Zilla Is The Ultimate 3-In-1 Waterfront Cleanup Tool!  

  • Extra Wide 3 Ft Rake Head
  • Super Tough, Unbreakable 9-Inch-Long Teeth
  • Available In Extendable 7ft And 11 Ft Handle Lengths
  • Unique "Curved Handle With Padded Grip Makes Raking Seaweed Easier On Your Body
  • Optional Floats For Skimming Free-Floating Surface Weeds And Debris
  • Includes 25 Ft Rope To Throwing And Collecting
  • Weighs Only 6-1/2 Pounds But Is Extremely Sturdy And Durable
  • Components Are Made From Rust-Proof Aluminum

This 3 Ft Wide Rake Is The Best Rake For Managing And Removing Seaweed, Algae, Leaves Twigs As Well As Many Other Applications. Its Unique Design Also Makes It Easy To Collect And Scoop Heavy Piles Of Underwater Weeds Along Your Beach. Rake Zilla Can Also Be Used To Remove Floating Weeds, Algae And Debris By Skimming The Surface Using The Optional Detachable Floats.

Rake Zilla's 9-Inch Long Heavy Duty Tines Can Hall In Heavy Loads Of Dead Vegetation As Well As Dig Down And Pull Weed Stems And Roots From The Beach Bottom. The Rake Teeth Also Extend Above The Top Of The Rake Giving You The Perfect Tool For Grooming And Leveling Your Beach Sand. The Padded Ergonomic Curved Handle Grip Makes It Easier On Your Body Than Most Rakes. It Also Makes It Easier To Pull In Larger Loads And Clear Weeds From Your Beach And Shoreline Faster With Less Effort.

Handle Option Details:

  • The 7' Handle Can Be Adjusted From 4.5 Ft To 7 Ft Long.
  • The 11 Ft Handle Option Can Use At The Shorter 4.5' And 7' By Simply Adding Or Removing And Extension.

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