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Pond De-Icer For Your Dock | Kasco

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Kasco Pond De-Icer
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Dock Deicer For Your Lake Dock

FREE SHIPPING within the U.S.A on all Dock DEICER orders! 

ForYourShore is one of the leading and most knowledgeable dealers for Kasco Marine De-icers. By moving large volumes of warm, bottom water to the surface, Our premium, time tested De-Icers eliminate and prevent ice formation around boats, docks, pilings, bulk heads, residential shorelines or any other property you need protected from damaging ice formation. Kasco’s unique design provides superior flow and excellent energy efficiency to solve your de-icing needs in a cost effective manner.

Dock deicers are available in ½, ¾, and 1 HP sizes (120v)

Cord Length options: 25', 50' & 100' (Longer cord lengths available - Call to place order)

We offer many models and mounting options. Learn more at www.LakeDeicer.com

Benefits Of De-icers:
  • Moves the warm water on the bottom that has been heated by the earth to the surface
  • How it works depends on many different things  – depth, obstructions, geographic location
  • Ideal to use on any dock or pier 
  • Use when the water is already iced over or by the shoreline where the water is not iced over yet
  • Adjustable height and angle

The standard model includes two 20' suspension/tethering ropes for mounting. A Dock/Pier Mount (shown below) is optional.

Also optional are either Kasco's C-10 Thermostat Controller or C-20 Timer/Thermostat Controller.

  • The C-10 uses an air temperature thermostat to turn the de-icer on when the temperature drops below a set point that you decide.
  • The C-20 time and temperature controller allows you to determine at what air temperature AND time of day the de-icer turns on by using both an air temperature controller and timer clock.

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