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Muck Block

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Muck Block
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Beneficial Pond Bacteria

Looking for a low cost, low maintenance solution to your muck and sludge problems? The Muck Block is an affordable, user friendly product that helps eliminate muck and sludge in ponds, tanks, and small lakes. Our Muck Block contains a concentration of beneficial pond bacteria and enzymes that help devour the organic materials making up your muck.

How it works: 

  • Apply the muck block by placing the whole block at the floor of your waterway and allow it to slowly dissolve, releasing the beneficial pond bacteria and enzymes that will eat away at your muck.
  • Easy application and an additional pound more than the competition are two benefits of the 6 lb block. 
  • The Muck Block is ideal for medium to large ponds and covers up to 6 acre/feet per application.
  • Make sure water temperature is at least 55° F to apply.
  • Enzyme and bacteria solution is safe for swimming areas, and the product does not harm existing fish populations.

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