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Eco-Harvester | Aquatic Weed Harvester

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Eco-Harvester | Aquatic Weed Harvester
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Aquatic Weed Harvester

The Eco Harvester pulls weeds up from the roots, harvesting them to be recycled and reused as mulch or animal feed.  Its an environmentally friendly way to harvest aquatic plant and the only harvester that works in this manner.  ALL other aquatic weed harvesters cut the weeds! It is 95% effective at uprooting milfoil, hydrilla, celery grass, water chestnut, and most other aquatic plants prevalent in ponds, lakes, rivers, channels, canals, and beachfront property. 

Features / Benefits

Affordable – One-third the price of traditional harvesters

Eco-friendly – No chemicals or dredging

Easy to operate – One-person operation from start to finish

Versatile – Pulls, cuts, & skims weeds in shallow water

Multi-purpose – Gathers floating debris and algae

Quality engineered – Well built & lifetime warranty on hull

Effective lake management – Uproots aquatic weeds including milfoil

Aluminum hull – Lighter and rust resistant

Reduced draft – Operate in as little as 12” of water

Increased capacity – 30% additional cubic yards!

Wider Hull – Improves operational stability!

Hard pipe hydraulics – Improves durability and design!

Dynamic flow intake – 95% effective weed pulling!

Standard components – Universal repair & replacement parts

How The Eco-Harvester Pulls & Skims Aquatic Weeds

Conceptually speaking, it is easy to understand that the Eco-Harvester “pulls” aquatic vegetation by the roots.  But how does it actually do it...pull aquatic vegetation by the root system you ask?

It is a good question and the answer is tied to the reason why the Eco-Harvester is patent protected.  If you haven't seen all of the videos of the Eco-Harvester pulling, skimming and collecting aquatic vegetation, floating weed mats, and algae blooms in the numerous videos, be sure to check them out on ecoharvester.net. The main objective in developing the Eco-Harvester was for harvesting Eurasion Milfoil but we were very excited to learn that this unique compact lake weed harvester could pull and remove nearly all kinds of submersed seaweed / aquatic vegetation.

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