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Boat Lift Buddy | Boat Lift Motor

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Boat Lift Buddy | Boat Lift Motor
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The Boat Lift Buddy wheel drive system is designed for lift owners looking for quick installation, economy and reliable service. Boat Lift Buddy installs in minutes. The universal design fits virtually all lifts with a manual wheel, and installation requires only common hand tools. The 12 volt boat lift motor system is designed for lifts without access to shore power. The 120 volt system is designed for lifts with access to GFI-protected shore power. Boat Lift Buddy is assembled in the USA & each unit is tested 3 times before packaging to ensure customer satisfaction. Boat Lift Buddy is backed by a 2-year replacement warranty. Whether you're on the lake or the river, Boat Lift Buddy is your friend on the water.

• Available in 12V or 120V
• Universal design
• Quick installation
• Assembled in the USA
• 2-year replacement warranty

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