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Aquatic Vegetation Groomer | Cattail Cutter

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Gas Powered Underwater Cattail Cutter
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The Aquatic Vegetation Groomer (AVG) is a gas powered underwater aquatic weed cutting machine designed for cutting every kind aquatic vegetation including Cattails, bulrush, lily pads and more.  Powerful enough to cut down and remove any kind of lake or pond weeds no matter how dense or tough they are.

The AVG features two circular reciprocating blades that move back and forth to create the cutting action that makes it possible to cut even the thickest aquatic vegetation down to their root base and anywhere in between!

Additionally, the two circular reciprocating blade motion makes the machine easy to control and eliminates splash back from the water.


  • Reciprocating cutting blades
  • Sealed gear box
  • Use up to 4’ water depth
  • Powerful 24 cc 2-cycle engine
  • 2-year warranty
  • Optional shoulder strap is available
  • Optional float mount available

The AVG is powered by a 24 cc 2-cycle engine that uses a standard oil gas mixture.  The powerful engine makes it our recommended product for cutting thick rooted aquatic plants like cattails, bull rush, reeds, lily pads and even thick wood stemmed plants with ease! 

Lake Weeder’s Digest has sold the AVG for over 10 years, so we are very familiar with its reliability and durability as it’s backed by the manufacturer's peace of mind 2-year warranty. In our experience, you shouldn’t need replacement blades unless the product has been abused or you dinged it against a large rock, but extra blades are available should need them.

Aquatic Vegetation Groomer Float Attachment (optional add-on)

  • The Float Attachment for the Aquatic Vegetation Groomer is a great option to have for many reasons. It helps you cut cattails, Lily pads, reeds and virtually every kind of aquatic weed that are located in those hard to reach areas.
  • It ships out almost completely assembled so there is no down time.
  • It is light weight and made from durable aluminum so it will not rust.
  • The Float Attachment makes it easy to switch back and forth from hand held to float mounted cutting jobs.
  • Comes standard with a 2-piece "pistol grip" handle that is 7 ft long. (Optional handle extensions are available for a total reach of 15 ft)
  • The frame features a depth adjustment plate giving you the ability to cut seaweed and cattails up to 4' deep. 

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