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Aquatic Mower | Lake Weed Cutter

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Aquatic Mower | Lake Weed Cutter
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The Aquatic Mower – Everything You've Ever Wanted In One Powerful Aquatic Weed Cutter

This electric battery powered heavy duty lake weed cutter has been designed to be one of the most effective and user friendly boat mounted underwater weed cutters ever built. It's designed to quickly mow and cut just about any type of aquatic vegetation. It mounts on the back or side of nearly any smaller type of boat. It is also manufactured with high quality components in the USA.

Aquatic Lake Mower Features:

  • Special low power consumption, efficient, 12 volt DC, Suitable for prolonged general purpose cutting.
  • Robust yet lightweight design.
  • Rust resistant Aluminium and Stainless steel construction, giving long life.
  • Fully Adjustable mounting bracket.
  • Safety switch with fail safe on / off switch.
  • Custom HDPE bearing blocks, giving smooth operation.
  • Upper depth adjusting collar (adjustable for varying depth).
  • Compact pin and channel drive.
  • Power Source, (not included) a 12v marine / leisure battery allows for up to 8 hours or more cutting time per charge.

This lake weed mower/cutter is industrial strength. It can run up to 8 hours on a 12 volt battery. It is easy to turn on and off using the safety switch that acts as safety feature. With a cutting width of 4 feet and a cutting depth of up to 5 feet, it can cover a very large area in a short amount of time. There are 15 blades on the top and 16 on the bottom that reciprocate to slice though vegetation.

Weighing only 59 pounds, it is easy to attach to the boat of your choice. It has a low power consumption that is efficiently ran on 12 volt DC and is suitable for prolonged general all purpose cutting with the robust, lightweight design. The heavy duty aluminum and stainless steel construction is able to provide a long life, while the fully adjustable mounting bracket allows you to control the cutting. The custom HDPE bearing blocks help to provide a smoother operation while managing the weeds along your lake front.

The battery source is not included with the purchase of the Aquatic Weed Mower but can easily be purchased at your local auto parts store.

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