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Aqua Thruster
Aqua Thruster - Get rid of lake muck
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Overwhelmed by muck, algae and scum?

Good News! The Weeders Digest has done it again with its revolutionary redesigned modular AquaThruster! The AquaThruster is manufactured as a ½ hp, ¾ hp or the powerful 4 bladed 1 hp model.

Its unique ability to be installed in 3 completely different configurations means that this machine can meet the needs of any application – including yours!!

Whether you choose a dock mount, float mount or our unique free-standing configuration, one thing is certain, you will be able to see an immediate positive impact on your waterfront. Think about that – ”IMMEDIATE”!!!

The 1 hp AquaThruster is capable of moving more water than you can possibly imagine yet the ½ hp may be adequate for your situation.

The Aqua Thruster is the most effective way to manage your weed, muck and algae problems for many years to come.

The AquaThruster is available with the standard 50' cord or can be upgraded to a 100' or even a 150' cord!


 Whats really uniqute about the Thruster is that you can also switch back and forth from the dock mount to the float mount to the free standing mount. You pick the one that fits you best and then each one can be purchased for an additional $200.   (Typically this is not necessary but it does provide options down the road.)









The AquaThruster is now even more beneficial to your waterfront because of several improvements we have made:We now offer the ability to switch from a dock mount to a float to a free standing  system.=

If you own a dock mount or switch to a dock mount we now offer it with a Oscillator. Click to learn more: 360 Oscillator . You can also just give us a call or email us at 

Most of our customers find that the 1/2hp and 3/4hp Thursters have enough power but if you need the ultimate thrust, we now have a 1hp model too. Yes its more expensive but WOW does it create a current!

There are a lot of things to think about here so if you have any questions, just give us a call at 763-551-1441


Quick Connect Ratchet System (Easily move around and relocate your Thruster)





Weeders Digest - Lake Muck Removal tool, How to remove muck from beach lake

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