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Big Tooth Lake Rake w Rope
Big Tooth Lake Rake w Rope

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WeedShear Pond & Lake Weed V Shaped Razor Blade Cutter
Weed Shear Pond & Lake Weed V Shaped Razor Cutter

List Price: $134.99
Wholesale Price: $89.00

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Availability: Out of stock!

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Add 2 ft handle extension to 9' long (included)
Add Multi Purpose Blade Sharpener (included)
Add 2 Blade Covers (included)
Add Hard Case w/strap for storage and carrying ($38)



Weed Sheers For Cutting Weed - Razor SHARP!

The WeedShear has a uniquely designed shape that allows you to throw it from the dock, shore or boat, let it sink to the bottom and retrieve it back with the 30' rope. 

APPLICATION: Buy this if you want to cut full grown weeds in a 30' radius from wherever you toss it from. (or add an extension rope and toss it 30' to 40') Cuts at the base of the weed. There is very little resistance because it SHEARS the weeds rather than dragging them.   The cutting blade width is 49".

If you are looking for a tool to cut weeds by hand - THIS IS IT.  The edges are VERY dangerously sharp so caution must be used. (Blade Covers are included)

The handle comes in 3 pieces with a total length of 9 feet. Optional handle lengths allow you to use the stub handle for lightweight long distance tosses or add the extension for long reaches from the shore, boat, pier or dock.

(Even though it has the extra long handle for long reaches, the optional choice of removing the extensions and using only the stubby handle makes it easier to toss it even further - this will probably be your favorite way to use it.)

It comes with a hand sharpener to keep the tool effective.  Price at $144.99 for a limited time  (Shipping costs range $10-$20 U.S. $28 Canada)

*BEST CHOICE for CUTTING long or short weeds, lily pads and with some additional work - even cut cut cattails.  Store in a safe place - will fold down and comes with blade guards because The WeedShear is Very Sharp!

For Cattail Removal.  (if you cut the cattails just below the water surface they will not survive - this plant needs oxygen to survive). 

Cuts a 49" path. Includes 30' leash and the hand sharpener (included).  


 We are aggressively searching for individuals or business that would want to resell this product - Please contact us.                                

HOW good is The WeedShear?                     We Personally Guarantee it!
If it doesnt work better than any other aquatic hand tool on the market, OR if you are disatisfied with it in anyway, we will give you your money back.         (We have confidence in ALL of our products but this is the only product that we make this guarantee on.)  From time to time you may see another similar shaped product out there and in the past we have sold some of these other brands by other names. But, the ONLY one that we would make this solid guarantee on is the new model for 2009 that is only named THE WEEDSHEAR.
 If you are intersted in distributing the WeedShear, you can buy them in a quantity as low as FIVE and save money. Just visit  


Fall is a critical time for shoreline management!

With the the changing of the seasons, frustrated lakeshore owners that were overwhelmed by aquatic vegetation throughout the summer are oftentimes thrilled to see the weeds slip below the surface and die, hoping next year is a much better year.

In reality, the very act of ignoring the weeds will ensure the opposite for next year. Here’s why: If you do not remove the vegetation that is out there today, it will die off, sink to the bottom and decay over the winter. This decay will create another layer of muck to squish between your toes next year. That in itself can be disheartening but even more importantly, the muck becomes a high-nutrient compost pile which will fuel next years weed and algae growth.  This can ruin a summer of recreational activities, cause unsightly slimy algae and dispense disgusting smells.

There are many activities that are taking place throughout your watershed right now that have a positive impact on the future nutrient loading of your lake.  That is important. However, you can provide immediate impact on your own shoreline TODAY by removing the internal nutrients that already exist and are ready for harvest by applying some labor.

Fall removal of the vegetation sounds like a daunting task but with a few simple tools it’s much easier than you might think. At the Weeders Digest, we offer wide range of tools to maintain your waterfront and make the task simple and easy.  Something as inexpensive as a WeedShear Cutter and an Long Reach Rake can get the job done quite well and you can even stay dry in the process. If you are not the do-it-yourself type, specialized contractors are available to do the fall clean up for you.  Regardless of the method that you use, remember that the clean up and removal of the floating vegetation and fragments is very critical to reduce spreading of invasive weeds. We recommend that you do it on a day when there is a stiff breeze blowing inward to minimize the risk of wayward fragments.

So, if you would like to impact your lakeshore next year, NOW is absolutely THE most important time of the year to put in the extra effort.

If you would like more information feel free to contact the Weeders Dugest directly at ,  visit their showroom in New Hope Minnesota just west of downtown Minneapolis or call 877-224-4899 / 763-551-1441


  The WeedShear is very sharp. We recommend adding the WeedShear Carrying Case to your order (optional)- see below




Pond Weed Cutter & Lake Weed Cutter                  The WeedSheer - a 4ft wide razor blade!

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