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Zip Tie Tire Traction
Zip Grip Go

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Unfortunately, this item is now out of stock and will not be available until the week of March 16th 2015.

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Zip Tie Cleated Traction Device


This innovative product is for drivers who prefer not to bother with chains and instead prefer the ease of using disposable, cleated zip ties. The cleated traction device installs in minutes and is recommended for only a single use. Designed for short distances and at low speeds to get drivers safely out of an emergency situation. An extra set of replacement ties is provided for the user to familiarize themselves with installation. 

Patent Pending. 

Package includes 12 zip tie traction devices; 5 for each wheel. For front wheel drive cars we recommend placing all zipgrips on the one drive wheel for best performance.


What is ZipGripGo?

ZipGripGo is an emergency traction device designed for all motorists, particularly those with no automotive skills. These innovative and patented products allow drivers to quickly get their vehicles "unstuck" from ice and snow. Easy to install and fully adjustable, ZipGripGo fits most passenger vehicle tires and installs in minutes.

Traditional tire chains are difficult to install, expensive to purchase and are cumbersome to carry in the back of your car. ZipGripGo is an excellent alternative and can even be taken with you when you travel to your favorite ski resort.

ZipGripGo is an excellent emergency traction device alternative.

  • Very economical
  • Easy and light to carry in the back of your car
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Easy to use even after getting stuck
  • Fully adjustable to fit any tire size

Reloading the Chains:

  1. Thread a 36" tie through one end of a chain and zip tight.
  2. Thread the end of the 7" double headed locking device through the other end of the chain and pull tight through the zip head in the middle.
  3. Follow steps 1-5 above to install traction device to tire.
  4. 1. What is the recommended driving distance with ZipGripGo installed on my car?
    There is no ideal distance that is recommended. The product is meant for short distances, particularly emergency situations where you need to get from where you are to a road that has been cleared or for when you are stuck in the snow and your tires are just spinning. It won't harm your car to use them for longer distances, but that is not what they are recommended for. The products have been tested on driving distances under 20 miles.
    2. Do you recommend using ZipGripGo instead of traditional chains?
    Traditional chains serve a necessary purpose. Most travelers can utilize chains to travel over longer distances. Chains, however, can be expensive, are difficult to put on and can sometimes damage your vehicle. ZipGripGo was developed as a low cost, easy to install alternative meant for shorter travel distances and for emergency weather situations.
    3. What is the difference between traditional chains and ZipGripGo?
    Traditional tire chains can be expensive, difficult to install and can cause your car, and the roads, significant damage. Until recently tire chains were the only device available that could help your car get through adverse weather conditions. ZipGripGo is an alternative traction device and is the world's most affordable alternative to traditional snow chains.
    4. Can ZipGripGo replace tire chains?
    If you are already stuck in the snow, ZipGripGo is the best option because it can be quickly installed and removed, requires no tools and requires no automotive expertise to install. Tire chains are difficult and time consuming. ZipGripGo fits most passenger vehicle tires, whereas, tire chains require knowledge about the exact tire size since they are size specific. Without this knowledge, you can cause serious damage to your car. However, if you are traveling long distances in inclement weather, tire chains are recommended.
    5. Does ZipGripGo meet the chain control requirements posted in various states like California and Colorado?
    At this time we have not pursued any certifications, but this is something that we plan to do in the future. We will continually update the website with any new information.
    6. Which tires should I install ZipGripGo onto?
    Tire traction devices from ZipGripGo should be installed on front tires for cars with front wheel drive and on rear tires for cars with rear wheel drive. An extra set of replacement ties is provided for the user to familiarize themselves with installing the traction device before an emergency arises.
    7. Do four-wheel drive vehicles really need ZipGripGo?
    Even four-wheel drive vehicles can benefit from ZipGripGo. Although four-wheel drive cars and SUVs do well in snow, they still have the same difficulty getting through ice and slick driving conditions as non-four-wheel drive cars do. ZipGripGo is meant for all adverse road conditions and in situations when even a four-wheel drive car isn't enough to get you through.
    9. I properly installed ZipGripGo on my car and during the process of getting out of the snow or ice one of the devices popped off of the tire. Can I get my money back?
    This is not unusual and doesn't mean that the device is defective. If you were able to get out of the situation you were in, then the device did it's job, even if one or two of the devices came off. We continue to perfect both the design and the material, but we do recognize that occasionally one or two might break off. We do recommend that drivers "ease" or "crawl" out of the situation and try not to spin the tires. This is what typically causes the products to break off.
    12. Can I use ZipGripGo on any kind of tire rim?
    ZipGripGo devices are meant for aluminum and alloy rims only and are not recommended for use on steel rims. Some rims have sharp edges which will shorten the life of the traction device.
    13. How many zip ties should I install on each tire?
    We recommend that you install four zip ties per tire.


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